Appetite for events

Appetite produces corporate events. 

Combining creative content with contagious positivity. 

Bringing over 20 years of premium event experience onto your team. Ensuring confidence and reliability to any production.

The strategy is to complete - not to compete.

Focusing on creative storytelling and technical production.

We complement, contribute and collaborate - with anyone!

Appetite for storytelling

Your audience loves a great story.

Appetite finds playful ways to launch your story.

Creative themes, visual content and scenographic design are all elements we use to surprise and engage.

Higher audience engagement maximizes return on investment.

The rule of any production is that
the audience is always right.

Appetite for content

Appetite can provide a variety of ingredients.

Technical preproduction and live stage production.

Webinars, studio productions, concerts, kick-offs, scenography, set design, concept development, on-stage coaching, thematic adaptions, content creation, video production and presentations, workshops, interactive meetings, gamification, or maybe something uniquely different - we form the framework together.

Appetite for values

We dare to challenge and we dare to change.

Our values define who we are and how we work.

By staying true to our CORE values,

we stay true to ourselves, to our clients, partners and suppliers.

Creative - Open - Reliable - Enthusiastic


Marcus Håkonsen

Managing Director
930 09 112

Ida Braathen

Project Manager
906 33 079

Jenny Brønseth

Project Manager
+47 478 27 799

Annette Grimsgaard

Project Manager
+47 930 65 135

Martin B. Johansen

Production Manager
480 67 320

Tuva Holmen

Production Manager
959 64 063

Veslemøy Bjelland Bø

Production Manager
951 35 415

Simon Bentsen

902 29 999

Thomas Nordvang-Harsheim

997 97 515


Erlend Syltevik

922 32 379

Andrea Andersen

Sales Manager
977 36 334

Jeanette Hansen

Project Manager
971 84 026‬

Olivia A. Fiskebeck

Project Manager
‭938 85 091‬

Kenan Novic

Head of Rental / Production Manager
995 98 569

Kristoffer Bodin

Head of Travel
‭473 77 979‬

Anastasiia Tolochko

Project Coordinator
948 05 682

Amir Smailbegovic

Rig Manager
957 07 506
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